Google Web Devel

This is a collection of links that have proved useful to me as I have studied Google's web apps and APIs. There's all kind of stuff here, including links to code I've created for my "Google Driven Web Development" tutorial.

gcli -- Google Command Line Interface

gcli is a command line interface to Google, using the Google web search API. The tool is written in Python and includes the gcli program and its related library. See the README for info and a brief HOW TO. In short, gcli can be used to query Google or as an interactive "shell" for Google searches.

Note:gcli is a 0.1 preview release (so called because this is the first I've let anyone else see this and I'm still doing a lot of work on it :-). You'll need a Google Web API developer's key to use gcli if you don't already have one.

Google API's

A must see/read if your interested in developing Google-related tools is The Maps API is popular right now, very cool, and well documented. I've got my own *very* basic map running here. I'll probably be expanding on my maps work in the next 2-3 months, and of course, updates will be posted here.

For a brief overview of the Web Search API, see this Dive Into Python chapter. If you wanted the same chapter via Google, try:

    Google API intitle:soap <I'm Feeling Lucky>

More to come soon...

Just getting started with links here. More will follow: links to articles on Google, my slides from the tutorial, some example code (both my own and Google's), and more.

If you looking for the client-side AJAX search engine I demoed at LW, see (and view source, or use the Firefox JS debugger (aka Venkman.